St. Teresa's Godteens

What is Godteens (Godparents)?

August 22nd, 2016

This site is for St. Teresa Parish in the Lincoln Nebraska diocese.  Other parishes and dioceses may differ.

The Godteens Program–also known as Godparents–was founded by the diocese as a more personal way to teach high school CCD.  Our parish doesn’t have many high school CCD students, so its program has morphed into a group that fosters spiritual grown and unity among all of the parish’s high school students.  It is a good way to maintain the relationships that students established here in grade school, once these students have moved on to Pius X or to another school.  For non-Pius students, it is fellowship and friendship as well as religious education.  It is beneficial for all high school students!

Each Wednesday evening during the school year, students meet at the home of a married couple.  This couple takes only one class, one grade.  They begin with that class as freshmen and continue to lead and teach through that class’s high school graduation.  Meetings normally run from 7:30 to 9:00.  Each meeting includes prayer, a lesson, and social time.  About once a month, there is a large group activity planned.  In the past, we have had hayrack rides with a bonfire, a fall Scarecrow-stuffing party, movie nights at the Joyo Theater, LASER Tag, bowling, and mini-golf.  We also plan spiritual activities for you, such as adoration, Lenten and Advent Services, and opportunities for the sacrament of penance.

Note: There is also a Facebook Page for this program.  Click HERE or search Saint Teresa Godparent Program for Youth and request to be added.  This page is for parents and students.

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