St. Teresa's Godteens

Annual Responsibilities

August 22nd, 2016

Godteens have annual responsibilities in the parish.  We love to serve!

1.  The Marian Mass is put on by St. Teresa Parish.  It takes place in Waverly at the Marian Sisters’ Motherhouse, outdoors.  After Mass is a rosary walk.  After the rosary walk, the Godteens should come back up to the main field to fold, stack, and load chairs.

2.  At the parish picnic–always near St. Therese’s feast day–we paint children’s faces.  The coordinator sets up a table and chairs, provides all of the materials, and the Godteens paint children’s faces (for free) from 4:30 until 6:30.  It is recommended that Godteens take 1/2 hour shifts but there are no limits.  We try to keep it simple; the kids like butterflies, rainbows, hearts, and happy faces, etc.

3.  The Parish’s fundraiser, the bazaar, is usually the second Sunday in November.  Godteens have been called on to do many different things: work at the auction, to man booths, and to paint fingernails and apply tattoos.  We help where we are needed.

4.  The first Sunday in February is Superbowl Weekend.  Big football!  The Matt Talbot Kitchen holds a fundraiser that weekend called The Souperbowl Collection (pun intended).  Godteens meet their leaders in the back of church after communion, take soup pots or specially labeled buckets, and go to the different church exits.  They collect dollars and change while people exit after Mass.  Once the church has cleared, the Godteens take the collected money back to their leaders.  It is all given to the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach.

5.  The Saturday after Easter, the Godteens Program sponsors an Easter Egg Hunt and Bike Parade for the children of the parish.  The Wednesday after Easter, we meet to fill Easter Eggs.  The Saturday after Easter, we meet at 10 a.m.  We set up boundaries, “hide” the eggs, and do other little things to get ready for the parade.  A volunteer dresses as the Easter Bunny, and s/he has two helpers: one to walk with him/her and one to carry the empty cross at the head of the parade.  The children come at 11:00.  The parade goes around Laura Avenue and the children line up to hunt.  When they are finished, we take everything down and put things away.  *New in 2017-2018: The Godteens have been asked to serve the meal that the Men’s Club prepares and clean up afterward.

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