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MTK&O Collection

February 1st, 2017

Students: please remember to come to the Vestibule after communion to help with the collection for the Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach Soup-er Bowl Campaign/Collection. It doesn’t matter what Mass you attend; just please come to the Vestibule and look for these leaders:

Saturday, 4 p.m.: Brian & Emily Pfeiffer

Sunday, 8 a.m.: Aubrey Potter

Sunday, 10 a.m.: Matt & Erin Litt

Sunday, Noon: JD and Kate Flynn

They will be able to instruct you.  It is VERY important that you come to help with the collection.  Many hands are needed to collect donations from each door (exit) for the Church.  The blessing of St. Blaise WILL be going on at Mass, so it’ll be a little bit of a wait but the fruits are wonderful.  I can’t stress this enough–we really need your help!!


*If a donor wants to write a check, they should make it out to the Matt Talbot Kitchen

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