St. Teresa's Godteens


August 22nd, 2016

Godteens and Parents:

Thank you for your patience as I try to get the wheels rolling on this new school year’s season of Godteens!

Forms were handed out that listed a cost of $50.  This is no longer accurate.  The good news is that we are only asking $35 per student.  (There was a diocesan fee that we thought Godteens had to pay that we do not need to pay after all.)

Those of you who already turned in checks, I will get ahold of you next week.  I haven’t turned in any checks yet, so will ask if you’re willing to write a new one that I can drop by and exchange for the old one.  For example, if you wrote a check for $100 for two students, you need only pay $70.

Freshmen!  Next week, you should receive a letter explaining Godteens, asking you to join, and instructing you how to do so.

While you may register at any time, “official” registration will begin in September, as will meetings.  There will be announcements soon.

Contact me with any questions.

God bless!

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