St. Teresa's Godteens

Easter Egg Hunt & Parade

April 3rd, 2015

Godteens: Please arrive at NOON to begin setting up for the Easter Egg Hunt.  We will set up boundaries (the bunnies w/string and signs) and then “hide” the eggs all over.  The children will come at 1:00 and the parade will begin.  They’ll make quick work of the hunt itself, and we will clean up.  We are normally done by 2:00.  

Ryan W is the leader in charge this year.  Check in with your leaders when you arrive, or with Ryan.
Jake K is the Easter Bunny.  Who will be his helper?  Who will carry the cross to lead the parade with Father G and the Easter Bunny?  
You guys are the best!  Thanks in advance for all of your hard work!  
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